Quote of the Week: LOST

English: Title of the tv-series LOST. Français...

English: Title of the tv-series LOST. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

LOST – for six years that show got us by the seat of our pants. We were riveted to the TV when it was on the air. We talked hours trying to untangle all the threads. We got sad when some character died. We cared about this show, and for six years we got enormous thrills from watching it. And just because the finale is not up to our expectations, many forget those six years of incredible fun they had and instead decide that LOST is the worst thing ever.

That baffles me. I blame the internet. – Anonymous

Musical Artist of the Week: Massive Attack (Part 1)

Massive Attack, not the horrid song by Nicki Minaj (which screwed up search engine results too!), but the the trip hop band originating from Bristol, UK. In fact, trip hop was originally called Bristol sound, but that’s a story for another day.

The band is (currently) composed of Robert “3D” Del Naja and Grant “Daddy G” Marshall. Past members included Andy “Mushroom” Vowles and Tricky (not Tricky Stewart). They have had many frequent and infrequent collaborators, each adding their unique voice to one of the many-layered instrumentals that the band produces.

Let’s start with the first album, shall we?

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No Updates Today…

I’m trying to work on a schedule here, which should take effect starting from next week:

Monday: App of the Week/Photography. I’ve just started using Adobe Lightroom :) (These won’t be regular updates)

Tuesday’s: My random posts…erm I mean rants and other opinions. None today though, lots of work to catch up on.

Wednesday: Musical artist of the week.

Thursday: Quote of the Week. As usual.

Friday: Book/Game/Movie/Series of the Week (every two weeks).

None on weekends! I don’t get paid for this!

Website of the Week: Notruf Deutschland

Quite an amusing site. You may choose to do it connected to Facebook or not. As always it’s better when it is. This particular site shows the teaser of a future film, one which involves 3 friends who all like the same guy…or girl. Kudos to whoever did all the editing, it’s not spectacular but will leave you thinking for a bit.


Why do we use the madness poorly?

We are (un)fortunate to be living in a time where boundaries are slipping away. Where the world is becoming smaller. Where there’s a spotlight on everything. Generally, I don’t mind, except for one nagging issue. Two, actually. Continue reading